helpwantedSam’s Hofbrau Proudly Presents “Sam’s After Dark” Job Fair
Wednesday, February 6th @ 7:00 PM
1501 E. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90021

Hiring all Positions:

Must be 18 years old and over.

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49 Responses to Sam’s After Dark Job Fair

  1. Sheri Cabiness says:

    I was interested in waitressing at you establishment but I am unavailable to attend your open call. Is it possible to set up an later appointment?
    My contact # 2038120552

  2. johnny says:

    Hello my name is johnny ad im looking for a manager position

  3. Zoe says:

    I am interested in a waitress position but cannot attend tonight. How can I go about applying if a position is still available?

  4. Brittney says:

    Im also interested in a waitressing or bartender position, but Im unable to attend the job fair. May i please have some information on how to apply. Thank you.

  5. daniel hurren says:

    !I am a dj/ promotions and entertainment. I’m in flint Michigan. Can I set up a electronic interview?????

  6. greg says:


    i was wondering if you are hiring male bartenders or just female? i’ve bartended for over 5 years in
    both NY and LA – would love to come by for an interview if possible. thanks!

    • Admin says:

      Our bartenders at Sam’s are all male but at Sam’s After Dark, we are looking for attractive upbeat people who have good communication skills.

  7. zenna h says:

    I am interested if possible a opportunity to come work for your company. I’m interested in two of the position if they are available… please contact at the email address I provided

  8. Michael says:

    Hello my name is Michael. I was wondering if you will ibe nterviewing male bartenders for your Crazy Horse West Covina location?

  9. Karina says:

    I’m planning on going to your open interview and I am just curious if you would prefer we go dressed in business attire or something which will show our body type a bit more. I am not applying for a dancer.

    Thank you!

    • Admin says:

      If you are applying for a manager position, please dress in business attire. If you are applying for bartender or waitress position, you can wear your regular clothes that you would wear when you work. You do not have to wear revealing attire.

  10. Eli says:

    I am interested in a waitressing position at your club. I have worked at a gentleman’s club as a waitress before. Is there another job fair I can attend or may I come in and apply in person?

  11. Ant says:

    I have question do you hire bartenders fresh out of bartending school?

  12. K says:

    Are you still hiring for any positions? If so which ones?

    Thank you!


    • Admin says:

      We are always looking for qualified applicants. Please visit Sam’s and fill out an application.

  13. carlos says:

    Hello, I was wondering if all positions have been filled. I attended the job fair at Sams after dark on 2/26/03. Thank you!

  14. Brianna Woods says:

    I was interested in applying to be a waitress, do you still have any positions open?

    • Admin says:

      If you would like to apply for a waitress position at Sam’s Hofbrau, please come by the club and apply in person.

  15. Camacho says:

    hello I was wondering you you are hiring for any security positions if so how would one do so. if you could please send any information on any possible openings it would be much appreciated. Thank you

    • Admin says:

      Sam’s After Dark is currently on hold and we do not know when it will be opening. If you are talking about working security at Sam’s Hofbrau, please contact Julian via the “Contact” link on this website.

  16. alexandria says:

    I am interested in dancing/cocktail waitressing at your establishment. Please let me know where I can emaik my media?

    • Admin says:

      We are preparing to open soon. We just had our 3rd job fair on Saturday. We will let you know when we have our next one.

  17. steven chavez says:

    hi i am currently working for another gentlemens club as security/door host and looking to change, after hours wont be an issue seeing as thats the club i currently work for but are there any current positions for security or another job fair and also since i know the owner of the club i currently work for is going to be the co-owner of sams after dark can i transfer or would i have to repeat the entire application process and if so please contact me on the email provided

    • Admin says:

      When we know when we will be opening After Dark, we will post something on here to let you know. Regarding a transfer, you will have to apply again.

  18. jose martinez says:

    hello my name is jose i was wondering if there are currently still any opening positions for security/door host i have plenty of previous experience in a gentlemens club. will there be a job fair soon or is there a way to hear more information on this thank you and i hope to hear from you soon please contact me at 626-592-4473 thank you

    • Admin says:

      We have not determined when we will be opening After Dark. We will post something on the website when we know more.

  19. Jose Morales says:

    I would definitely work there off could… To do a good job and also to be close to that exotic dancer named Alicia she’s blond and fit….she’s sooo cute!!! I love her <3

  20. Andres Garcia says:

    Hello I work for a security company and i just completed my firearms classes.. Do you hire armed security guards? Please contact me back for any openings in the Los Angeles area I live here in South Gate just in search for a better Security job thank you..

    P.S.. Guard Card/ Firearms permit in process/ Chemical Agents/ First Aid, CPR, and A.E.D..

    • Admin says:

      If you are looking for a job at Sam’s After Dark, please call the club directly and ask to speak to a manager. If you are looking for one at Sam’s Hofbrau, we use an outside security company. Please contact us by using the “Contact” link on our page for more detailed information.

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