In November of 2016, LA Weekly named Sam’s Hofbrau the “Best strip club in Los Angeles.”

Sam’s Hofbrau in downtown tops this list for one reason: pure, unadulterated sensory overload.

You like big bootie and ample buns, hun? This is your place. The ladies here run the gamut in sizes and colors, and more importantly they seem to be having a lot of fun on stage, especially on weekends when the place gets packed. G-Stringed twerking happens non-stop, and the DJ is spinning hip-hop hits to fuel the flapping and tapping.

In this way, Sam’s feel like a dance club in many ways which makes it more fun for those of us who aren’t into the creepy vibes that often seep into normal strip clubs. But don’t get it twisted, this is a show more than a shindig and the sight of dozens and dozens of dancers all on stage at once bouncing butts and making it rain green is something you’ll never forget. You’ll more than likely be back … for more back.

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